Music Shops in Leicester

Where to find music instruments in Leicester

Leicester's music shops have seen some significant changes in recent years.

Leicester has been fortunate enough to experience a recent influx of quality music shops in out around the city centre, and further afield. Whilst once there was our beloved Sheehans and not a whole lot more, the city is now home to a great diversity of instrument and sheet-music providers, meaning there really is an option for everyone. At Singing Lessons Leicester we encourage you to try out a few places to work out what's best for you, but here is a taster of some of our favourites!

Intrasound Music 

Located very near the city centre, Intasound supply an impressive range of musical equipment, from karaoke machines to eleukes (kind of like a ukelele but stretched out and with fewer strings...), plus the usual furor of electric and acoustic guitars, effects pedals, amps, bass guitars, drums, and PA systems - pretty much anything you could possibly want to accompany your vocal ventures, except for brass and wind instruments. They also offer a second-hand shop, plus lighting and speakers to put on a creative and wild show! Like the 'sound' of all this? You wanna be heading to 70 Narborough Road, LE3 0BR.

Music Junkie - Now Closed

Fully equipped with their own magazine and awesome online presence, Music Junkie is a fresh injection to Leicester's music scene. They stock quality well-known lines of acoustic and electric guitars, drums, DJ setups, keyboards and pianos, plus all the gear you could need for a live show! The store claims to provide Leicester with products unavailable elsewhere in the city, which, here at Singing Lessons Leicester, we deem pretty exciting, and welcome their flagship store with open arms and warmed up vocal chords... Proving that they've mastered the musical scene with their to-the-minute product launch announcements on the website, and daily price comparison with other chains and local stores, you can count on Music Junkie to keep you up to date with the latest offerings from brands such as Yamaha, Fender, Epiphone, Gibson, Stagg, Roland, plus many, many more. Further merits include their free buy-and-sell platform for used instruments and their try-before-you-buy policy on any purchase. Lee Circle, Leicester LE1 3RF: check it out.

Sheehans - Now Closed

Sheehans happen to be Leicester's go-to for anything music, having been a major part in the music scene for many years, and providing every instrument imaginable with scores of sheet music, and the option for graded exams to be taken upstairs. Founded as a repair shop, Sheehans continue to provide top-rate service by experienced and passionate staff, with the addition of music tuition and instrument hire. A recent refurbishment meant that the store moved - next door - and now oozes professionalism and class. With stylish practice pockets tucked into the walls, you can allow your sound to blend into the purpose-built acoustic-enhancing wooden walls whilst trying out your latest treat. An absolute gem, Sheehans stock beautifully-crafted instruments for almost any budget, from second-hand guitars to professional trumpets. The website also houses a space for those looking to find a band or recruit a new member, which could be the very thing to give you a confidence kick in your musical career. Singing Lessons Leicester would simply be lost without this wonderful store! Find them at 58a London Road, LE2 0QD. Update 2018 - this store has now closed.


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